Mini-Grants are considered during our monthly Board Meetings. Ÿou are invited to attend the very beginning of our Board Meeting to explain your grant. If your grant request is for $1000 or more, we require that you come to our Board Meeting to explain your grant. Those in attendance at the meeting will often ask you questions about your grant. You are then excused from the meeting if you cannot stay. We discuss the grants and board members vote on the grants at the end of the meeting. You will be notified about the outcome of the vote by email. The spirit of the mini-grant program is for the grants to benefit the school community at large. Grants for travel are generally not considered, although a student experiencing a financial hardship representing SAHS at a regional/national academic competition could be considered with SAHS administration recommendation.


The general process:

  1. Become a PTSO member
  2. Complete the online form (keep a copy of your answers)
  3. Consider attending the meeting, especially if your request is over $1000. If not attending, coordinate with the PTSO Teacher Liaison. Be ready to answer the following:
    • Detail the specific grant request in one or two sentences, including a dollar amount.
    • Please give a brief background of the program that will benefit from this grant.
    • What specific need or challenge will this grant address?
    • How will this grant specifically address these needs or challenges?
    • How will this grant benefit your program and the community it serves?
    • What other options have been considered? Are there other ASD resources or options available to address this challenge? Other opportunities for donations?
    • Any other pertinent information you would like to add or share with the board?